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The Comparison And Analysis Of The Branch Cable With The Tight Busway
May 09, 2018

Since the 1990s, with the continuous development of market economy, various new technologies have been introduced and developed, and new products are emerging continuously.

It is also widely used in construction. They are compared with traditional products, whether from manufacturing process, material performance, product quality or production cost.

There are great advantages in installation technology and construction methods. One example is the single-core branch cable and the traditional compact bus slot.

The performance characteristics of a single core branch cable and a tight busbar are called the branch cable, which is to set the cable T sub in the place where the cable is required. it

It is in the factory, with the special process to make the joint, the joint part is made of PVC synthetic material and the second injection moulded into one. Branch cable production

The electrical and physical properties of the products are strictly tested before they leave the factory. Therefore, it has the advantages of high reliability, airtight waterproofing and fire retardancy, etc.

And the price is lower, the installation is convenient, the construction period is short, do not need to maintain. The branch cables have single core and multiple cores, but single - core branch cables are manufactured.

The process is simpler, the price is lower, compared with the single core and multi-core cable of the cross section, its weight is light, the outer diameter is small, the specification variety is much, the installation is simple.

The price of a multi-core cable is significantly higher than the sum of the single-core single cable of the multi-section, so the single core branch is usually selected when choosing the branch cable.


The bus groove is divided into two types: dense insulation and air insulation. Air insulation type light weight, simple structure, cheaper price; Intensive insulation

Good heat dissipation condition, high current level. There is a plug joint for each floor of the bus slot installed in the electrical pipe of the general high-rise building. Products by the parent

The line groove manufacturer produces, the section carries to the construction site to use the bolt to install the connection. Therefore, the reliability of bus-slot joints is greatly influenced by human factors.

It is relatively low compared to the finished branch cable. However, the capacity of the bus slot is large, the structure is compact, the occupancy space is small, the rated current can be achieved.

5000A has its own advantages under heavy load conditions.

2 single core branch cable and tight busbar shall be installed in the construction and installation. The flexible branch cable shall be installed by the manufacturer according to the building.

The actual size of the power distribution system in the electrical vertical pipe is produced in the factory, and it is produced in the factory.

After the shipment is tested, like the normal cable, it is wound around the wooden disc. Compared with busbar, the branch cable makes site installation more convenient.

It's easier to manage. There are two ways to do this: pull up and down from the top. From the bottom up, it's at the top of the pipe.

Turn frame, use cable clamping device (provided by manufacturer), the branch cable is hoisted from the beginning layer. From the top up, the branch cable is transported.

To lay the termination layer, slowly down from the top down. After the cable is put in place, the wooden clamps or supports are fixed to the wall directly on each floor.

His ordinary cable is laid along the cable bridge.

The laying of the branch cable has lower quality requirements for the installation personnel, which is different from the busbar, and it must be assembled in the field after delivery. Bus duct in

When connecting with bolt, ensure proper joint torque, which is higher for installation workers. The normal busbar manufacturer was installed on site.

There is no requirement, and the installer will tighten the bolt with the normal wrench only. In fact, the field bolt is connected too tight, too loose will be on the bus.

The inherent quality of performance has a potential impact.

2.2 the applicable branch cables of the product structure are generally laid in the well of the high-rise building electrical vertical pipe. It is well known that high-rise buildings are subject to wind and wind.

With the influence of load and other factors, the main building tube will shake and shake under normal conditions. For the high-rise buildings of the frame structure subject,

This wobble causes the left and right offset to increase as the height increases. More than 100 megabytes of high-rise buildings (more than 100m are called super-tall buildings).

The maximum offset is nearly 20cm. The migration of super-tall buildings is even larger. In other words, you want to have an electrical line up and down.

There is an obvious dynamic deviation in the hole reserve hole. This phenomenon has no problem with the branch cable, but it has an effect on the busbar. because

The branch cable belongs to the flexible structure, and the bus groove is a rigid object. After the installation, the busbar is not comfortable with the rocking motion of the building.

When the offset is large, it may affect the quality and safety of the busbar, while the branch cable handles this phenomenon with ease. 2.3 project management.

When the economy is under the same load, the branch cable is compared with the bus slot, and the material cost is greatly saved. Especially for 630A and below.

It is more obvious that the material cost (including the attachment) of the branch cable with the same current level is used in the busbar. Plus installation

Saving the labor on site, the total construction cost is greatly reduced. Of course, the branch cable can only do 1000mm cross-sectional area at present,

The rated current is around 1600A, while the maximum rated current of the bus groove can be 5000A. Moreover, the branch cable of 800A and above current level will be.

No price advantage. Therefore, the application of branch cable has its limitation for large capacity distribution trunk.

3. Comparing and analyzing the two schemes of the branch cable and the bus slot in the project example, the load of "15-24 layer illumination" of an office building is proposed to be dry.

Wire distribution, from 15 ~ 24 layers of electrical pipe, the wiring of a single core branch cable or a tight busway.

The actual wiring is as follows:

(1) single core cable shall be used for the cable transfer box (or bus feeder) from the low-voltage distribution line of the substation to the top branch of the electric pipe of the 14th floor.

The length of the line is 80m.

(2) the total load capacity of each layer of lighting (15 ~ 24PM) is the same, and the power factor cos (s) is equal to 0.8 (which has been compensated by the capacitor). Main load

The coefficient K=0.8.

(3) for the convenience of comparison, it is assumed that the load capacity of each layer is 50, 40, 30, 25, 20 and 16kW.

(4) cables are made of crosslinked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed copper core cables, and the busway is densely insulated.

Because of the two schemes, the same single core is used for the connecting box (or the bus) of the electric pipe from the low voltage distribution cabinet to the 14th floor.

The cables are laid along the bridge, so the price of their materials is comparable to the cost of the materials used to estimate the main line in the shaft. table

2 is the price comparison between the two main materials and the attachment. (the bus slot adopts the 3-phase 4-wire system, and the cable USES 4 single-core branch cables, because of the branch line.

In both schemes, one is a polyethylene single-core cable, one is a flexible cable, and the price is not very different, so it is not included in the comparison.

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