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Domestic aluminum price starts rebound mode
May 09, 2018

After half a year, domestic aluminum prices finally started to rebound mode, under the international political and economic situation assist, the rebound has been added to the fire.


International aluminum prices are boosted.

On April 9, the hong kong-listed aluminum company announced that it had been included in the sanctions list of the Treasury Department's foreign asset management office.

A technical default on a number of the group's credit obligations. Preliminary assessments indicate that the sanctions are likely to be "significant" for the group's business and outlook.

Adverse effects.

Affected by this, aluminum suffered "black Monday". On April 9, the aluminium industry opened in a straight line, closing at 2.3 Hong Kong dollars per share, one day of violence.

The shares hit a three-year low of 50.43 percent. On October 10, the market panic was still spreading, and as of the afternoon, aluminum was trading at hk $2.1 per share.

Fell 8.7%.

Public information shows that aluminum is owned by rusal, the alcan of Siberia, and glencore, the world's largest commodities trader.

The merger of alumina assets, the global aluminium giant, has been the world's largest for many years. With China's aluminum capacity expanding, China.

Hongqiao is the largest aluminium company in the world. Aluminium and alumina, the world's second-largest aluminium company, now account for global output.

About 9%.

In 2017, aluminum production of the company is 377,000 tons, accounting for about 7% of global production. Alumina production 7773,000 tons, bauxite.

The mine output is 1165,000 tons. The U.S. sales of aluminum products are about 600,000 tons.

LME aluminium prices rose on concerns that the sanctions would affect us aluminium supplies. LME aluminum for three months was up 4.7 percent at 0 p.m. Beijing time.

At $2139 a tonne, it touched $2,144 a tonne, its biggest one-day gain since November 2011.

International aluminum price upward to domestic aluminum prices are obvious. On April 9, the domestic futures market Shanghai aluminum main contract 1806 reported a rise of 1.46%. On April 10,

The main contract for Shanghai aluminum was up 1.02 per cent to rmb14,350.

The rise in market prices has also driven the share price of a-shares. On October 10, only three of the 25 stocks in the Wind citic class aluminum plate fell, as of the close.

Aluminum shares rose by 6.95 percent, while aluminum corp. of China rose 4.70 percent.

Aluminum prices bottomed out.

But the pressure remains

Since November 2017, the price of domestic aluminum products has gone from a downward trend of more than 17,000 yuan/ton to the end of March 2018.

About 13,700 yuan/ton. However, since April, the bottom of the long-dormant aluminum prices have started to recover.

Before the impact of the aluminum industry's sanctions, the Shanghai aluminum company reached the level of 14,000 yuan/ton on April 2. So will the price of aluminum go up this time?


According to business analysts, U.S. sanctions against aluminum could affect the supply side of international alumina and aluminum ingots, plus 232 U.S. measures and the right.

The anti-dumping duty on Chinese aluminum products is as high as 95 percent for us aluminum export tax, which is bound to raise the prices of downstream products in local areas and the domestic aluminum industry in 2017.

After the recent supply-side reform, the recent bullish factors are obvious, the aluminum price has bottomed out, and the latter is expected to be good in the later period, and the big bank will be in June.


Current low price state certainly won't last too long, the price of electrolytic aluminium is at the bottom at present, price rise is big trend. The first quarter, he said.

After the downstream industry starts to start and the inventory decreases, and the cost increases, it is expected that the aluminum price in the second quarter will be gradually along the supply cost curve.

Pick up.

China merchants securities research paper believes that the price of aluminum oxide has strengthened recently, and the cost of electrolytic aluminum is stronger than expected. Electrolytic aluminum is worth the inventory.

Pay attention to. Recently, we pay attention to the change of alumina stock and the progress of self-rectification. In the remainder of 2018, the potential policy implications of electrolytic aluminum remain.

You can look forward to it. In the short term, aluminum prices are bottoming out, and long - term and firm bullish on supply-side reform on the whole aluminum market.

The company said it expects a total of 5 million metric tons of alumina growth in the second quarter, and the price of alumina is expected to be difficult to increase significantly.

There is no significant upward pressure on the cost of aluminum electrolytic aluminum.

But for the market as a whole, wang yu, an analyst at zhuo chuang, has also made a different point of view, arguing that the aluminum industry's problems are global.

The range of aluminum market or influence, but it is not obvious to the domestic impact, the current domestic aluminum uplift is mainly driven by the external disk, and before the aluminum price falls.

Larger, there will also be a rebound process. However, the impact of the stimulation on the message surface and the technical side adjustment will continue to a certain position after the market.

The focus is still going back to the fundamentals of supply and demand. China has a large aluminum production, import factors have little impact on the market, so in the market supply.

There is no change in the amount of the total amount, and there is no obvious benefit to the demand side. The supply and demand of the market has not been adjusted well, so this wave has gone up.

Sustainability will be a question.

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